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Supporting you and your business in the long term with confidence and transparency to increase and secure your asset is the ambition of the Private Management team of Philippe Hottinguer and Cie Gestion.

The situation assessment

« It is the collection of past and present information to prepare for the future. »

After appraising all the elements that make up your assets, we establish a diagnosis that leads to the implementation of a real long-term investment strategy.

It is to truly understand all the concerns and expectations you have that our experts wish to first exchange with you. They rely on both your past and your present you share to formulate the best solutions for your needs.

The diagnosis of Philippe Hottinguer & Cie Gestion unfolds in two phases:

  • The assets balance sheet provides a comprehensive portrait of the available assets, from their origin to their possible evolution.
  • The evaluation determines the elements necessary to define the objective to be achieved.

In the next – essential – step, the most appropriate strategy is defined for the specificities of an estate and the adequacy of it to the solutions formulated.

Preserving and valuing your assets is our priority: our vision of wealth management is based on an understanding of the uniqueness of each person.

The solutions

 « Choosing the right drivers for your risk / performance goals. »

Our mission is to optimize the spectrum of investment opportunities to select the best investments based on your goals.

A methodical approach is essential to develop an optimal allocation policy. Thus, Philippe Hottinguer & Cie Gestion’s teams then systematically assess the different markets (rates, equities, currencies, commodities, etc.) in order to determine the investments most suited to your objectives.

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