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Philippe Hottinguer Gestion’s Private Banking and Asset Management team is committed to supporting you over the long term, in complete confidence and transparency, in order to grow your assets and prepare the future of your family and your company with peace of mind – this is the ambition of Philippe Hottinguer Gestion’s team.

Our expertise

It is the collection of past and present information to prepare for the future.
Preserving and valuing your assets is our priority: our vision of wealth management is based on an understanding of the uniqueness of each person.

  • Discussions with the client to gather all relevant data in his past and present.
  • Audit of his patrimony.
  • Drawing up a precise patrimonial and fiscal balance sheet in order to understand the client’s global environment.
  •     Proposal, by our experts, of a solid and efficient strategy in terms of fiscal envelope, investment and risk management.
  •     A tailor-made strategy based on an open architecture.
  •     Each client has unique wealth and fiscal situations.
  •     Recourse to recognised experts to secure the client’s choices (lawyers, tax specialists, notaries, chartered accountants…).
  •     Follow-up, by our teams, on the raised issues.
  • After validation of our commercial and fiscal strategy, selection of products (life insurance, capitalisation contract, securities account, share savings plan, forest land grouping, FCPI, FCPR, SCI, SCPI, structured product) and partners for their qualities and services (insurers, custodians, banks…).
  • A selection that responds very rigorously to the client’s objectives and risk sensitivity.
  • Risk management being at the heart of our approach, it is possible, at any time, on our advice or at the client’s request, to adapt this degree of risk according to structural and economic developments.
  • Periodic reporting.
  • Personalized monitoring of assets.
  • Listening, exchanges, reactivity: a top-of-the-range service.

With our many years of experience in wealth management, we provide families with all our solutions and services in order to offer them the best standards on the market.

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    The solutions

    Choosing the right drivers for your risk / performance goals.

    Life insurance
    Life insurance is a tax package that allows you to enhance your assets with flexibility and security. Philippe Hottinguer Gestion works in an open architecture and gives you access to the best life insurance policies on the market, in both France and Luxembourg, that will allow you to consider the transmission of your assets with serenity, to protect your spouse, your children, your grandchildren or any other person of your choice. Whether you are a prudent, balanced or dynamic investor, we will be able to meet your expectations either by offering you an advised management or the implementation of an adapted management mandate.
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    Securities account
    The securities account is a tool that enables you to hold a wide range of financial instruments such as shares, bonds, fund units (UCITS, Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) of all types and in all geographical areas. The securities account has no payment limit and can be transferred. The securities account can be dismembered, which gives it an extremely strong advantage in terms of donations and inheritance. The experts at Philippe Hottinguer Gestion Gestion will assist you in the management of this account after signing a mandate with you that is tailored to your expectations and your assets.
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    These are regulated securities accounts that allow you to invest on European markets. In return for a minimum holding period of 5 years, they offer you a solid tax advantage. Certain conditions must be met : only one PEA and only one SME PEA per person; PEAs and SME PEAs are individual; subscribers must be of legal age and domiciled in France. In addition, it is a great receptacle for unlisted or listed securities if the sum of your holding and that of your family (spouse or partner in a PACS, ascendants or descendants) are less than 25% of the capital of the issuing company. Our experts accompany you and integrate these vehicles into the core of your wealth strategy.
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    Management mandate
    When you are short on time, when you know the complexity of financial and economic information, you can invest without stress by putting specialists in charge of your assets. Our experts select the best underlyings within each asset class from stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds. These securities are monitored within a clear and defined legal framework. Our management mandates can be implemented in securities accounts, PEAs, capitalization contracts and life insurance contracts in France and abroad.
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    Wealth and inheritance products
    As each asset is unique, our experts will help you select and choose the vehicles that will enable you to respond to the problems of company transfers (150- O B ter), IRPP (PER, GFF, GFV, etc.), transfers (GFF), and the construction of your retirement and your assets (SCPI, SCI, etc.). Once this has been dealt with, we integrate these new elements into the core of your asset management and survey them with daily monitoring. If any changes need to be made, our experts will make proposals in line with your objectives, in strict compliance with your interests.
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