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The Hottinguer family has been acting in France in the banking and finance sectors for over two centuries. The Philippe Hottinguer Group, true to this entrepreneurial tradition, provides its clients with its know-how in the areas of financial consulting, investment and wealth management.

Our activities

Asset Management

As part of its asset management business, Philippe Hottinguer Gestion offers tailor-made services to private and institutional clients in search of suitable investment solutions.

Corporate Finance

Philippe Hottinguer Finance is a financial advisory firm for companies, shareholders and investors for all types of financial engineering operations: Equity Funding, Merger & acquisition, IPO.

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Philippe Hottinger Switzerland

Benefit from the Corporate Finance activities and financial engineering expertise in merger-acquisition, , transmission, equity funding by Philippe Hottinger Finance, as well as the private management and family office activities of Philippe Hottinger Wealth Services, in Switzerland, close to the historical roots of the Hottinger family.

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