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Abacus Credit Impact


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  • Legal form: FCP – Fonds Commun de Placement (mutual fund) governed by French law
  • Details : UCITS
  • Eligible for PEA: No
  • Creation date: 11/10/2023
  • Objective: The FCP aims to outperform the Bloomberg Euro Aggregate Corporate 5-7 Year Index with coupons reinvested (code: LEC5TREU INDEX) for SI units and +10 basis points for I units.
  • The FCP has a sustainable investment objective in accordance with Article 9 of the SFDR Regulation (EU) 2019/2088.
  • Management company: Philippe Hottinguer Gestion
  • ISIN code :
    • I units: FR001400FT55
    • SI units: FR001400FT63
  • Net asset value calculation frequency: Weekly and cut-off Friday at 12h00
  • Currency of denomination of units: euro
  • Pricing :
    • I units: Fixed management fee 0.75% maximum
    • SI units: Fixed management fee 0.65% maximum

Risk index

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    How to subscribe to this fund

    If you wish to subscribe to Abacus Credit Impact units, you can do so with the ISIN code (FR001400FT55 for the I unit / FR001400FT63 for the SI unit) and for a minimum subscription of one unit (one thousandth of a unit thereafter):

    • through Philippe Hottinguer Gestion by opening a securities or PEA account with our custodian CM-CIC.
    • through your usual financial institution by providing your account holder with the ISIN code.
    • through your insurer in the context of life insurance or capitalisation contracts for which our fund is listed.

    Subscription and redemption orders are centralised every Friday by CREDIT INDUSTRIEL ET COMMERCIAL (CIC) (6 avenue de Provence, 75009 Paris, France) before 12 noon and are executed on the basis of the next net asset value calculated on the basis of the closing prices of the same day.

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    Please read the following regulatory information carefully before consulting the Philippe Hottinguer Gestion (hereafter PHG) website.