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Teaser WNE 2023

PHF at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2023

At the end of November, PHF visited the World Nuclear Exhibition 2023 in Villepinte, France, to meet with industry players and their leaders.


Teaser WNE 2023


In France, the nuclear industry represents :

⚡ +60% of all electricity produced

👷‍♂️ 220,000 direct and indirect jobs

🏬 +3,000 companies, 85% of them VSEs/SMEs

💰 €47.5 billion in sales generated


After a long period of uncertainty, marked by the closure of the Fessenheim power plant and a lack of investment in civil nuclear facilities, a new dynamic seems to be taking shape.

It was against this backdrop that PHF visited the 2023 WNE – WORLD NUCLEAR EXHIBITION, in order to meet with companies in the industry and take the pulse of the sector.

Recently the decision to build at least 6 new nuclear power plants marks a turning point in the country’s energy policy. However, many of the problems associated with the move away from nuclear power are likely to slow down the achievement of these objectives.

Recovering expertise, training large numbers of people in these challenging professions, raising financing and reorganizing the supply chain… all these challenges will have to be met by the sector’s leaders if nuclear power is to regain its place as a first-rate French industry.


Les allées du WNE 2023

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