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Philippe Hottinguer Finance brings together the expertise of recognized professionals across a broad spectrum of financial advisory services to corporate clients and investors alike.

On the strength of a comprehensive and forward-looking analysis of each client’s specific requirements and perspectives, our mission-oriented teams provide full guidance to the management and shareholders of medium-sized industrial and services companies.  All contemplated operations or transactions are thoroughly prepared and timed according to their objectives, keeping our clients involved at all stages of the ongoing processes.

We strongly believe that this structured and client-inclusive approach to corporate finance transactions helps to increase the chances of success of time- and means-constrained operations.

Philippe Hottinguer Finance brings together all the group’s financial advisory and M&A activities. We make a long-term commitment to our entrepreneurial clients to serve them in their best interests.

We guarantee them excellence, respect for essential ethical values such as confidentiality, proximity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Philippe Hottinguer, founding partner, Philippe Hottinguer Group

Our services

Philippe Hottinguer Finance is a member of the Société d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie Nationale.

Mergers & acquisitions
Based on our diverse skills and multi-sector experience, we advise our clients in the process of selling or acquiring from manufacturers
Equity funding & Debt Issuance
Throughout the fundraising process, we are careful to select the right partners to support our clients in their development project
Our knowledge of the world of business and insolvency allows us to advise both growing companies and companies in difficulty
Equity Capital Market
We advise listed companies on regulatory issues and their relationship with market authorities. We carry out a permanent regulatory watch on behalf of our customers
Authorized Listing Sponsor on Euronext Growth in Paris, we support in this context French and international issuers
By leveraging our expertise in financial engineering, we support our clients, whether they are entrepreneurs or investors, in leveraged transactions in order to bolster their interests

Philippe Hottinger Switzerland

In Switzerland, close to the historic roots of the Hottinger family, benefit from the financial advisory, investment and wealth management activities of Philippe Hottinger Group and Philippe Hottinger Advisory.

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