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With this specific division, PH Finance provides its clients with an offer that is particularly well suited to the managers of family-owned SMEs and SMIs.

We provide local and customised support, in complete confidentiality and confidence, during missions and capital transactions initiated by entrepreneurs of human-sized companies.

PH Finance Intermediation assists company directors throughout the search for and negotiation with qualified counterparties in the context of fundraising, external growth, valuation, and asset or share transfers.

PH Finance’s intermediation team operates in all business sectors throughout France. It is an expert in these transactions, which are based on family capital (small cap).

It has a perfect command of the process, from the first contact with the client to the final signature, guaranteeing the success of the projects entrusted to it. It listens to the interests of its clients and offers solutions, advice and recommendations.

The PH Finance Intermediation team has more than 20 years’ experience in this type of mandate, with several dozen success stories to its credit.

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