A Few Words of Introduction

Founded and developed in strict accordance with a set of demanding  entrepreneurial principles  and a  work ethic steeped in family tradition, the Philippe Hottinguer Group intends to make available to its valued clients its unique expertise in the fields of advisory services, corporate investments, wealth and asset management, thus offering a full range of high value financial services which have been the hallmark of the Hottinguer banking family in the course of over two centuries.

A Made-to-Measure Approach to Wealth & Asset Management
Corporate Finance and Advisory Services with a Mind Towards Entrepreneurs
Corporate Finance & Advisory Services in Switzerland
Our selective offer to start-up entrepreneurs : How to advance and accelerate corporate and product deployment

The Group offers wealth & asset management strategies tailored to address the needs of both private and institutional clients in their search for suitable and tax-compliant investment vehicles or managed funds.

In its other significant core activity, the Group also offers independent advisory services fully dedicated to founders, entrepreneurs and like-minded shareholders of medium-sized corporations, domestic and international alike, in matters of  equity & debt raising, IPOs, mergers & acquisitions, as well as turnaround situations.

Operating under the Swiss trade name Philippe Hottinger Finance, this subsidiary of the Group offers the same full range of services as those described above.

Ramp Up was devised as a selective and structured assistance offer addressing the specific needs of start-up entrepreneurs : true to its innovative spirit, PHILIPPE HOTTINGUER FINANCE has developed a broad array of services geared towards a select group of start-ups and their principals, with the sole objective to accelerate both their growth and product roll-out in a suitably-phased and resource-consistent way.